Soya-Too Rice Whip Product Review


Soya-Too is a company started in Germany that is slowly starting to make it’s way to US supermarket shelves. They specialize in vegan “creams” from cooking creams to coffee creamers, and they also recognize the customer base for soy-free products.

I purchased their Rice Whip product in hopes of finding the perfect vegan topping for my Thanksgiving pumpkin pies. I was excited to find that it came in a pressurized container, delivering the fluffy texture and defined lines that I love about whipped cream.

It packs 10 calories per 2 tablespoon serving and 1 gram of sugar, which makes it an excellent whip cream substitute. I tasted no difference, however my omnivore brother mentioned it had a slight rice flavor. I also found that sprayed best when left at room temperature for about an hour and stored upside down.

4.5 out of 5 stars!


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