Soul Vegitarian Restaurant review – DC location


Soul Vegetarian was a local hot spot for voracious veggies and omnis alike in Cleveland. Sitting on the quiet north end of Coventry, it was a hidden gem and hippster hot spot. I vibrantly remember visiting as a group and ordering “the usual”, and was promptly delivered a heaping plate of chili cheese fries, only to have them gobbled up by the mass of hungry and rebellious teenagers. Soul Vegetarian has long been closed and quite and few businesses have come and gone in it’s place, but it is still a topic of discussion among my inner circle.

While passing through DC, I was shocked to discover a DC location of my long lost hot spot. I extended my stay another day to visit the restaurant reminiscent of my youth. As soon as I walked in I was greeted by the smiling faces and ethnic dress of the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem. I discovered the AFIJ also publish the magazine VegNews and well as operating multiple locations throughout the US: one in DC, two in Atlanta, Chicago and a location in Tallahassee. While there were no chili cheese fries on the menu, I was refreshed by the entirely vegan menu of take out favorites such as tacos ($4), BBQ Tofu Sandwich ($6), and my favorite the BBQ seitan. I opted for the 2 entree one side combo of Mac and Cheese, BBQ twists and collard greens for $10.99. They press their own soy cheese daily, which makes for a fresh and creamy flavor to the mac, with aldente noodles. This one defiantly puts my recipe to shame. The BBQ twists were tender pieces of seitan smothered in a tasty molasses BBQ sauce. I was able to make two meals out of it, so at $10.99 I would consider it a steal of a deal.

I can’t wait to visit every location, and also try to petition for another location in Cleveland.


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