Green Sprout- Vegan Chinese


This little gem was introduced to me new years day by a group of cyclists in Atlanta. I was stunned at the amount of readily available vegan and vegetarian restaurants, and this one had speedy delivery to boot! Not often enough do I have the liberty to choose from an entire menu of vegan friendly seafood, poultry and beef. Some items had the option of adding egg such as the hot and sour soup ($1.95) served with crispy noodles. I opted for the Tomato Basil Beef with Crispy Portabellas ($10.95) and was stunned with the result. I was able to make about 3 meals from the amount served, with fresh chunks of ripe tomato and sweet basil. The beef was a bit bland an could have used more flavor, but the crispy portabellos by far make the dish. I also had the pleasure of sampling the chicken wings (4 for $5.25) and was floored by how tasty they were. Served on a wooden skewer it is everything I missed about chicken wings. The only downside is that I must make a trip to Atlanta to eat them!

This restaurant gets a 6.5 out of 10!


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