Restaurant Review- Terra Burger- Autsin, Tx


“Fast food doesn’t have to be junk food”

While on my culinary adventures I have never run into a place quite like TerraBurger. I was lucky enough to stumble upon this little gem while strolling through the streets of Austin with the bands The Kominas, Sarmust and all of the tour entourage.

What caught my eye was the small walk up window connected to the kitchen, the European version of the “drive through” and immediately had to take a second look. Upon entering I was greeted by friendly smiles of happy dread-locked employees and a never ending roll of pleasant surprises. I think this was probably my happiest moment on tour.

I was intrigued by the sign the stated “Due to the shortage of locally grown organic potatoes, our french fries will be made from locally grown conventional potatoes until further notice”.  Astonished by the honesty (most places would never bother to mention it) and the assumed standards of both local and organic applied to a fast food joint.

While the vegan options are few, their menu is not complex to begin with. Juicy Veggie burgers, fresh cut fries (both white and sweet potato), soy milk is available to thier full coffee bar, and  some tantalizing vegan baked goods. The crowning glory was my visit to the soda fountain. Not just any soda fountain, but an oasis of cane sugar organic colas, sodas and spritzers.

I was just thrown back by how efficient, yet green the entire operation was. Apparently the owner worked for the “big guys” of fast food for years, and had alot of time to rue over everything wrong with them.

Terra Burger does offer meat for all your omni friends, however, they have very strict standards of using local, organic and free range for all the flesh, along with  separate deep fryers for meat and veggies. Gluten Free buns are also available.

This place is everything I could ever dream of in a fast food restaurant. A bit of a reminder of my time spent in Germany, where people actually cared about the environment. I was able to completely separate all my trash into the well marked containers for glass, paper, plastic and compost. I took a tour of the dual flush toilets (the standard throne  in Europe) and took advantage of the recycled brown toilet paper. A bit, rough, but all in the name of Mother Earth.

This place has a mission statement I can stand behind, and I am elated to hear of a second storefront opening.

Who needs In and Out when there is Terra Burger? 10 out of 10.

This list was taken directly from their website, they really pack a green fisted punch. For more info visit


  • Serving our food in containers made from natural, compostable material;
  • Using eating utensils made from corn-based compostable material;
  • Using 100% post consumer paper products in our restrooms;
  • Using only eco-friendly cleaning products;
  • Converting our used cooking oil into usable bio-fuel;
  • Eliminating the use of pennies in all of our transactions (Guadalupe Street location only)

The Exterior:

  • Collecting rainwater to water our plants;
  • Using native plant materials that require less watering;
  • Utilizing eco-efficient stucco;
  • Using low emissivity coatings on storefronts;
  • Recycling jobsite waste;


  • Using the most energy efficient light bulbs for lighting;
  • Installing counter tops made from recycled material;
  • Using recycled drywall material;
  • Using only Energy Star Certified HVAC;
  • Using water saving dual flush toilets;
  • Using reclaimed wood for interior trim;
  • Using eco-safe floor coating;
  • Using water based, low VOC paints;

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